1. Choose the game difficulty level from the dropdown menu.
  2. Click the "Start Game" button to begin.
  3. You will see a word container consisting of five empty boxes, representing a 5-letter word.
  4. Enter your guess in the input field provided below the word container. Your guess must be a 5-letter word.
  5. After entering a guess, you will receive feedback:
  6. Based on the feedback, adjust your guesses and continue making attempts until you guess the word correctly or exhaust all attempts.
  7. If you guess the word correctly, you win! The game will display the word and the number of attempts made.
  8. If you exhaust all attempts without guessing the word correctly, the game is over, and the word will be revealed.
  9. You can click the "Start Game" button again to play a new game with a different word.
Attempts: 0/6